King of the Hill
Written by: Jim Rizzo

   It's Funny how some things turn out. Take Kelly and Teresa King's Effie for example. the whole thing started back in 1996 when Kelly (a life long enthusiast)decided to build a pickup. He'd always loved the look of the classic F-100 and he thought buliding a neat "driver" would be fun. After all, it'd be a lot less competitive then the corvette concourse and slalom circuit he'd been showing and racing in, and it'd be nice to have something fun to bomb around town in.
   Kelly soon located and purchased a sold SoCal '56 shell and began to plan the rodstoration of what in the beginning was to be a cool daily driver. He spent a bunch of time attending shows and scouring magazines gathering lots of ideas for everything from wheel/tire combos to upholstery styles that caught his eye. Soon, he came to the realization that his daily driver scheme was slowly evolving into a blueprint for way more than just a nice pickup.
   The next three years were spent accumulating parts and accessories with very little in the way of construction being accomplished. The the time all the components were gathered, Kelly had decided (due to the shop's stellar reputation)to put the actual construction and assembly chore in the talented hands of Bobco of Lake Elsinore, California.
   After sonculting with Bobco and feeling confident that all involved were on the same wavelength, work was begun, and Kelly started what he considered his most difficult task-Keeping tabs on the project from 2,000 miles away. As Kelly relied on Constant updates, the Bobco crew was busy preforming their near-legendary magic on Kelly's pile of parts. The no Limit chassis was smoothed, painted, plated, suspended, plumbed, and preparred. The Corvette LS1 crate engine was painted, plated, fitted with a custom Mike Briggs-fabricated air cleaner- engine cover, and cackd by a fully polished 700R4 trans. The engine combo was ten lowered between the framerails and connected to the Currie 9 inch via a custom Inland Empire Driveline driveshaft.
   As the chassis assembly was being put together, Bobco's ace bodyman, Marco Ramos was busy massaging the pickup's sheetmetal into pristine shape, readying it for one of Bobco's signature glass- smooth paint jobs. When all the pieces were prepped and pointed the body and bed were mated tot he chassis and the final plumbing, wiring, and accessories were installed.
   Once the truck was completed to Bobco's stisfaction, Kelly was called in for the final say and it was shipped off to the shop of Ron Magus for some top-notch stitchwork. Ron covered the entire interior (including the floors) in a glove-soft combination of cream colored leather and suede for the perfect finishing touch to this gem of an Effie.
   Well, once the truck was completed, the Kings (along with the rightfully proud crew of Bobco) loaded up and headed for Pat Ford's F-100 Supernationals in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee, (the one show Kelly and Teresa had longed to attend from the start) for the pickup's first ever public appearance. To say the '56 was well accepted would be a gross understatement, as everyone loved it the second they laid eyes on it. And though there were a multitude of beautiful trucks on hand at the show, both Kelly's and Bobco's efforts were rewarded by their peers by being chosen as 2001's Truck of the Year!

     **All Articles/Pictures are used with permission from Classic Trucks Magazine***