13. Mike used the plasma cutter again to cut the framerail and boxing plate (this step would be hard to do without one).

14. The leaf spring attaching parts needed to be removed from the Corvette lower control arms and their mounting holes needed to be drilled out to 3/8 inch for the new lower coilover mounting brackets (if you reuse the metric bolts the holes won't need to be enlarged for the standard bolts).
15. Using the rack-and-pinion steering unit as a guide, Mike located where to notch the framerails and boxing plates for the rack clearance. He drew a line around the outside of the C-notches provided in the kit to mark the location where to cut.

16. Before the C-notches were tack-welded in place Mike test fitted the rack assembly once again. Once he was sure everything fit okay the C-notches were welded in.
17. The Corvette upper and lower control arms, and spindle uprights were installed as a unit. The lower control arm mounting rod is threaded at both ends so it had to be centered once the arm was set in place and nuts installed at each end.

18. Before Mike attached the upper arm, he needed to install the coilovers. The new mounts were bolted onto the lower coilover eyelets (the bolts will not go through once the mounts are installed in the control arms).
19. The upper control arms were then installed making sure to use all of t he stock Corvette spacers with the tapered side toward the control arm (the thicker ones goes toward the front between the crossmember mounts and the arms).

20. The coil mounts units were then bolted to the lower control arms.
21. The rack-and-pinion unit was bolted in last. Make sure to get this half-round Corvette bracket as part of the assembly because it does not come in the kit.

22. With the entire suspension bolted on Mike checked everything to be sure it was located properly and was all square and level. The suspension was then removed and the entire assembly was welded.

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