1. Direct from Goodmark Industries comes the answer to your big-window prayers.

2. From the tiny acorn the giant oak tree grows and from this small back window a much larger one will soon emerge.
3. The job begins with drilling out the spot welds that hold the rear of the cab together. An easy way to see the welds is to hit the area with a disc sander. Since the welds are lower than the surrounding area, the paint will remain over the welds and act as a bull's eye for the drill bit.

4. Marco only wants to break the weld. He is careful to only drill through the outer layer of metal, not all the way through.
5. A line of tape is run beneath the lower bodyline and will act as a guide for the next step.

6. The cut is made using a cut-off wheel. One tip is that he didn't try to cut all the way through the metal on the first pass. Instead, he scored the panel with a few passes and then cut through.
7. There are also brackets along the inside of the rear (B) pillar that had to be cut.

8. A hammer and chisel are used to separate the two sections that come together at the doorframe.
9. The upper cut is made just beneath the roof panel line.

10. With the cut complete, the weld connections that hold the upper roof brace are broken.

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