Big Time
Because Everything Counts in Large Amounts
Writen By: Matt Emery - for Truck Builder Magazine

   It stands to reason that if there are two versions of an item, one of them will be more prized than the other one. Such is the case of the Ford F-100 Big back window - The Big Window Version is the one to have. You will surely find those who swear by their small-window Effie, but by and large the big rear window models are the more collectable of the two.

   So what is to be done for those trucks that don't measure up? Well, the folks at Goodmark Industries have done what some said couldn't be done: they fabricated an insert that replaces the small opening in the small-window Fords. In doing so, Goodmark gives those who are fond of big window F-100s the chance to live large - window-wise, at least.

   Goodmark has a long history of producing high-quality replacement body panels for a wide variety of vehicles. In its big back window panel, it has produced a part that 'ol Henry himself may have to look at twice to be sure his company didn't make. It not only fits well, it has all of the internal bracing to ensure the rigidity needed in such a structurally important piece.

   We were on hand as the crew at Bobco Auto turned this small window Effie into one with a view. To those in the know, Bobco, of Lake Elsinore, California, consistently produces some of the finest Effies on the West Coast. It has earned this distinction by paying very close attention to detail and by treating every vehicle it works on as the one by which the shop will be judged. Owner Bob Carvajal is one of the good guys in this industry and sincerely wants his customers to be happy with the products they receive. To ensure this, he watches over every job done and won't let anything to chance.

   For those interested in having this modification done, remember that this is a labor-intensive job and one that will take considerable hours to get right. Be sure that the shop you choose is knowledgeable and can do the job correctly. If you choose to do it yourself, you should have the experience necessary to know what is correct and have enough body experience to get it done right.

   Follow along as Goodmark Industries and Bobco turn the style meter way up on this converted big-window Ford.

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**All Articles/Pictures are used with permission from Truck Builder Magazine***